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Preparing for plot #2

We had an absolutely beautiful fall this year – filled with days of sunshine and colored by our vineyard turning from green to gold.


Now, with the harvest behind us and our wine aging in our stainless steel tanks, we have the time to start planning ahead. Our long-term goal is to be a 17 acre vineyard, which means we have a stretch to go from our current 2.5 acre test plot. So, this winter we ordered over 3000 more vines to plant this spring! Most of these vines will be L’Acadie, as our test plot has proven that these vines grow really well, are resistant to disease and mildew, and produce an amazing wine. We have also ordered some Dornfelder, which is actually a German variety used to produce red wine! We will likely use our Dornfelder to produce a rosé, but in good years, we may actually be able to produce an elegant and light bodied red (something similar to a Beaujolais).

To prepare for the planting, we had to measure and stake out 3 more acres.


Barry (my Dad) and Luca pounding in the first stake


Measuring out plot #2

Once it was staked out, we plowed. This field has never been anything but cow pasture, so the beautiful organic soil will be perfect for our baby vines come spring. 20161118_124356

While staking out our next vineyard plot, we decided to also stake out our future tasting room. We intend to have the tasting room overlooking this vineyard, so everyone can come to enjoy a glass of wine while looking at the very field where the grapes were grown. We have also left a small garden area between the tasting room and our vineyard, which has the potential to host wedding ceremonies or wine club member events, like long table dinners.


Barry and Laurent standing in our future tasting room

On the other side of the tasting room will be our picnic area, under the beautiful old purple maples that my Grandpa planted years ago. Although we are excited and eager to move ahead with the tasting room, we have chosen to take a much slower path in order to keep things manageable for the time being (as we all still have our day jobs). Our intention, however, is to start building sometime in 2019 and to be open to the public by summer of 2020! In the meantime, we keep moving ahead…one step at a time.