Snow, snow and then… more snow

What a winter we have had this year! Living in the pacific northwest, white Christmas’s are a rarity. So when the ground was blanketed in white on Christmas day, everyone was thrilled with the novelty and we cheered “let it snow, let it snow, let it snow”.


We expected the snow to last only few days, before it would melt and we would once again be graced by our more usual winter precipitation: rain, and lots of it. However, the temperatures remained cold and so the snow stuck around. And then by New Years Eve, we received even more snow.


Finally the weather warmed up early January, the snow melted, and we thought that was the end of that. How wrong we were. Winter came back with a vengeance a couple weeks ago and we were hit with two severe storms, back to back.


The snow blew sideways for two days straight. Then on the morning of the third day, we awoke to 70cm of snow! But, that was not the end. Winter has something even better in store for us. For the grand finale (drum roll please…): An ice storm.


On top of all that snow, was now a thick coating of ice. The entire city shut down. We sat inside for an entire day, without power, listening to the loud shattering cracks as huge branches from our trees fell to the ground.


Finally, the weather has warmed and most of the snow is now gone. While the weather has pushed back our winter task of pruning, we can at least continue working in the winery. We have completed the cold stabilization and will do our fining this week; both techniques are used to clarify and stabilize the wine. Of course, we are monitoring and tasting just to be sure everything is clean and on track.


From what I’ve tasted so far, I must say that this summer we will be able to share our best wine yet!

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