It’s countdown time!

It is the most exciting time of the year! All the hard work has been done for the season and now it’s up to Mother Nature to dictate our first day of harvest.

Pinot Gris

Pinot Gris

After following one of the hottest and driest summers, we thought we might be harvesting early September. But now we’ve entered a cooling spell that has pushed harvest off until, most likely, the third week of September.

Seyval Blanc

Seyval Blanc

As the grapes continue to ripen and increase in brix, the birds are increasingly enjoying eating them. Thankfully we installed netting on the Pinot Gris and Acadie. To see whether the birds were really a threat to us and if nets actually made a difference, we decided not to install netting on the Epicure… and this is what we have left:


Epicure – a feast for the birds

Lesson well learned. Next year we will be installing netting on ALL of vines.


Pinot Gris -protected behind the nets

So what do we do while we are in countdown mode? We prep! The fermentation room is sparkling clean and has been reorganized to include two 200L stainless steel tanks, 7 additional carboys, and even a baby 24L French oak barrel that are all waiting to be filled with fresh juice.

We are all very excited and anxious to see what wines 2015 will bring!

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