Hot, hot, heat!

It has been the hottest and driest summer that we have seen in years! Beginning in May, we had record breaking heat and it feels as though the sun hasn’t let up since then! For our vineyard, this weather is amazing as everything seems to be about two to three weeks early. This means that there is no doubt our grapes will ripen to the ideal levels this year, which also means we will have the potential to make some amazing wine!


The drought conditions, however, has also meant that we’ve had to water the vines this summer. Particularly the vines that are growing along the rocky and gravelly sections that braid throughout our vineyard. Originally thinking that we would have too much water being located here in the Fraser Valley, we didn’t install an irrigation system. So, thankfully the Belgian brigade were all here to help us water by hand.


Laurent, Luca, and Fabio driving out the container of water

Fabio, Marie-Line, & Jean-Marc bailing buckets

Fabio, Marie-Line, & Jean-Marc bailing buckets of water

Over these past weeks the grapes passed through véraison, the process where they begin ripening that results in a change in colour.


Véraison of our pinot gris

This ripening, however, also means the grapes are becoming sweeter and sweeter – and a delicacy for the flocks of local birds. To prevent losing too many grapes to the birds, we decided to install a netting system.

Laurent preparing the nets

Laurent preparing the nets

The nets also help (somewhat) in deterring the three deer that seem to be increasingly stopping by to enjoy our excellent selection of grapes. These three deer have become Laurent’s most recent nemesis – driving him to endlessly patrol the vineyard on bike, armed with an old Tibetan bell, ineffectively trying to scare them away. The scene does make for a good laugh.

Final nets installed

Final nets installed

Currently, we are monitoring and measuring the sugar and acidity of the grapes. From our hot summer weather this year, the grapes are measuring a higher sugar content compared to this time last year.  Now all we have to do is wait patiently until the time comes to harvest!

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