Old barn – New look!

While waiting to construct our winery next year, we thought we would get a head start on updating the old green barn – which was desperately in need of some love. We began by tearing down the old lean-to that ran the length of the barn and then this past month we began cleaning and painting the exterior…


Although there is still much work to be done, both inside and out, we are very happy with the result!

Painted barn

Next year, we’ll begin building the actual winery, which will include cleaning and sealing off one side of the barn in order to create the space where the wine will be made. It will be in this space that the magic will happen (…and where I’m sure we’ll pass many hours working in the years to come).


Off to this side of the barn is where we will build an extension for our tasting room, which will include a beautiful terrace and picnic area among the maple trees for all to sit back, relax, and enjoy our wines!


Among the trees, there is one that is very special in our family. The large maple in the foreground of the photo below was actually planted by my grandfather on the day that his mother, my great-grandmother passed away. Our family memories are embedded throughout this little piece of land.


Before tearing down the lean-to, we were also sure to take some time to search and put aside some materials that we would be able to reclaim and reuse in our winery and tasting room. We found some really great light fixtures and this beautiful old barn door, that with a bit of stain, gives some great character!



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