Our first grapes!

With a record-breaking July that brought us the most hours of sunshine we’ve had in 60 years and a beautifully warm and sunny August as well, the conditions have been perfect for growing grapes! Despite our vines being only 2 years old, and that we snipped off as many little grape clusters we could see this spring to encourage the vines to grow roots not grapes, last week we discovered this…


Pinot gris




Harvesting our first grapes!

Not only did we find beautiful clusters, but they were ripe, sweet, and full of flavour! Since we are the first to begin a vineyard in the Yarrow area, these grapes have given us all the encouragement and reassurement we needed to know that our vineyard holds the potential to create amazing wines!

Our very first Pinot Gris harvest!

Our very first Pinot Gris harvest!

Of course, these past months have also involved a lot of maintenance in the vineyard, such as weeding and pruning. Thankfully, we’ve had tons of help! We owe a huge thank you to Josh, who has been invaluable in keeping the weeds under control all summer long. Also, Laurent’s parents came to visit from Belgium and helped tremendously with pruning.


Josh & Brice

Laurent's parents, Lina & Jean-Marc

Laurent’s parents, Lina & Jean-Marc

Now with our work in the vineyard pretty much done for the season, and with the cooler temperatures and wetter weather, the time has come to seed grass between our vineyard rows. We decided to seed a mix of grasses that will add beneficial nutrients to the soil and keep our vines happy.  Laurent and my Dad teamed up to tackle this task…

Laurent seeding

Laurent seeding

Dad pressing the seeds into the earth

Dad pressing the seeds into the earth

With the growing season coming to a close, beginning construction on the winery will be what keeps us busy over the coming months. At least we now know that we will have ripe, healthy, and tasty grapes to make our wine – one very important thing we can check off our list!


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