Then, comes summer

It was just over one year ago (May 21, 2012) that we planted our first vines. Considering it has been only 13 months,  it’s amazing to think that this…

Little guy in his new home

has grown into THIS!!


I think it is safe to say that our vines are very happy here!

With all this growth, we have been busy this past month tucking the shoots between the wires and pruning off any sucker shoots along the bottom. Because we will be cane pruning all our varieties, except for the pinot gris, we have decided to just let the vines grow in all their glory this season. We will select the cane for next year during the winter months, when the canes are stronger and more pliable, making it easier to bend along the bottom trellis wire. However, we do have to prune off the tips of the vines to maintain some control and ensure they don’t grow too far beyond our trellis system.


Before pruning


After pruning

For the pinot gris, we will do spur pruning and have already begun to train a few along the wire, like in the photo below.

Pinot gris, year two

Pinot gris, year two

It is so exciting and encouraging for us to see how well they vines are doing. It’s actually beginning to look like a real vineyard!!



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