Wiring the Trellis: Part II

When we first planted our vines back in April of this year, our fingers and toes were crossed hoping our vines would grow to maybe reach the fruiting wire that had been set at 3 feet. All the information we read said we would only need to worry about installing this single fruiting wire in the first year… We never expected this!

Not only did our vines reach the fruiting wire, but they grew to the top of our posts, with some reaching even beyond that! We knew that they needed some extra support so in August we began to install the other foliage support wires for the trellis system, which were decided to be set at 4 feet and 51/2 feet from the ground. The wire clips were nailed into place accordingly.

We then ran the wire along the rows, clipping it in along the way.

The next step was to attach the wire to the end posts. But because the purpose of these wires is to support the future canopy of our vines, they need to be moveable allowing us to remove the wire and then pull it back into place while gathering all the foliage. Doing this keeps the canopy in a tight row, allowing the sun and wind to easily reach the entire vine, and most importantly, the grapes growing below.  So, to attach the wire to the end post we decided to use a chain so that we can remove the wire and also tighten or loosen it as well. To attach the wire to the chain, we used a crimping tool to crimp the end of the wire looped through a chain link.

Then the chain was simply attached to the end post with a nail. Et voila! Now we just need to do this on the other side of the posts for this row, and then only 25 more rows to go…

One response

  1. Wendy Whitlam

    So much preparatory work…….but such rewards to be reaped!! You GO team!!

    February 28, 2013 at 3:32 pm

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