Installing the trellis wire

These past weeks, our vines have been soaking up all this beautiful sunshine and as a result, have kicked up their growing speed to high gear. Some, especially the l’acadie, are already reaching two feet high! Growing much faster than we anticipated, we decided to move ahead with installing the first wire on our trellis so the vines have something to support them in the coming months as they continue to grow.

Armed with their handy-man belts, Laurent and our close friend Joe began by pulling the 12.5 gauge tempered, high-tensile steel wire down the rows.

Then, they attached the wire to the end post at the far end using fencing stapes and a gripple wire joiner (explained in more detail below). Considering our climate and the variety of grapes we have planted, we decided to install the first wire at the height of 3 feet. So, walking back up the row, they attached the wire to each post at the height of 3 feet using a fencing staple, or u-shaped nail. Cleverly, to determine where 3 feet was on each post, they measured 3 feet onto themselves and marked it with a coloured piece of tape. Then standing next to each post, they simply hammered in the staple at the height of the coloured tape.

Measuring 3 feet

Attaching the wire using stapes

Then, the wire was tightened and attached to the other end post using the gripple wire joiner and tensioning tool.

Tightening the wire using a gripple tensioning tool.

The end result!

While the wire was being installed by Joe and Laurent, the rest of us continued battling the weeds. Jessica (one of my closest friends) and Sheila (who came out once again to generously offer her help) both helped advance our positioning in this ongoing war. Importantly, Scarlet was assigned insect patrol (to which she served dutifully).

Scarlet on patrol

Sheila, fashionably weeding

The weeds meeting their fate!

Finally, Jessica, Joe, and Scarlet ready to kick back and celebrate our day’s work.

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