Setting Roots with Our First Planting

The month of April, 2012 consisted of digging, digging and more digging – 2720 holes to be exact! My brother Tyler was a huge help with this task as he, Laurent, and my Dad all took turns lugging a portable auger down the rows to dig the approximate 12 inch diameter and 15-18 inch deep holes. Interestingly, while digging, we were able to see just how varied the soil is within this 2 acre plot of land, some areas being extremely rocky, others sandy, and others loamy. This will definitely give a unique character to the grapes grown here.

Tyler, Dad, and our good friend the auger!

One done, 2719 to go…

Then, on April 27th we received our first shipment of vines, the Seyval Blanc and L’Acadie from a nursery in Ontario. After soaking them in water overnight, the planting was ready to begin!

Seyval Blanc

On April 28th-29th we began, with our first vine being planted by Laurent. This was an exciting and memorable event for us, which was shared with the laughs, wonderful company, and of course hard work of family and friends. We would never have been able to accomplish this without you!!

Laurent teaching the planting crew how it’s done

Our very first vine!!

… and my Dad’s first vine

and my Mom’s…

and my brother Tyler’s too!

Grandpa planting a vine – marking the passing of his land down to the next generations

and my beautiful Grandma

Three generations!

Our hard working friends Barbara and Sheila

… and our enthusiastic friends Freya and Philip!

Little guy in his new home

and finally giving them a drink of water to help them set their roots

Then the Pinot Gris vines arrived May 7th. After soaking them in water for 5 days, they were planted May 12 under the sun… again, with the generous help of Freya and Philip.

Under the ‘Yarrow’ Sun

Now, we wait… hoping that our vines will be happy here. Meanwhile, we can prepare for our next (and final) delivery of Epicure vines from Vancouver Island sometime in June.

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