Building the trellis

Building the trellis for our vineyard took some hard and meticulous work. We began the process by measuring and marking with a stake where each post would be pounded. We decided to plant our vines in rows 9 feet apart and within each row, our line posts would be placed 20 feet apart. This meant having to measure (using a long chain) each stake while also ensuring that the rows were all aligned – a process that took us 2 entire days! To get the rows perfectly aligned, we used a transit.

A tedious job

The next step involved laying out 600 line-posts (8′ long) within each row and the heavy 70 end-posts (10′ long).  Of course, we couldn’t have done it without the tractor and trailer… and the help of the driver! The torrential rain that day added to the fun, making tractor driving in the field a wet and slippery challenge.

Driving in style!

Our symmetrical result!

The next step involved pounding our ‘perfectly’ placed posts into the ground. To do this, we turned to the help of a mechanical post-pounder. Without it, we would surely still be in the field, pounding away, with our bodies in an extremely pitiful condition. So, with the help of our good friend, we began to pound in the line-posts.

Post-pounder at work

Next, we needed to anchor down our long rows (420 feet!) to be sure they will be strong and secure. To do this, we set harpoon anchors into the ground at the end of each row.

“Harpoon” anchor, ideal for rocky soils.

Then we pounded the end-posts at a rough angle of 70 degrees. We used a wooden device (aka ‘the rocket launcher’) cleverly conceived by Barry to make sure the end-posts would all be pounded at exactly the same angle.

Barry’s device worked perfectly

As the sun set, we were able to finally sit and contemplate the fruit of our efforts. Next step: planting the vines!

Ready for planting!

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